Wool Products for Sale

My small Jacob flock provides a variety of unique products. We offer fleece, sheepskins, roving, hand spun and mill spun yarns. Our fleeces are of the highest quality. The sheep are coated to protect the fleeces and are shorn a month prior to lambing in late February.  Great care is taken to please the fiber artist.

You can  purchase an item by contacting us at jennyjumpfarm@thompsonpottery.com to identify the item you are interested in and to  inquire about shipping cost. Currently we only accept personal checks and money orders. Items will be shipped after checks have cleared. Thank you.

Jacob sheepskin Item No. 130009. Price $80.00 plus $10 S&H.

Dimensions: 21x32 inches with a 3 inch staple fleece. It is very soft and washable.


Finn Sheepskin #103 Price $75.00 plus $10 shipping and handling.

Dimensions 23x31 inches with a 3 inch staple fleece. The fleece is very soft with luster highlights.


Jacob 2-ply Mill Spun Sport Yarn. $1.75 per ounce.

Great for weaving.


Jacob Roving - 3 Colored Blend. $1.50 per ounce.

Soft and lofty, great for spinning or felting.


Navajo plied Jacob Handspun Yarn. $3 per oz

The multiple colors are enhanced using this technique.


Navajo plied Jacob Handspun Yarn - Close up


Jacob Handspun 2 ply Yarn - $3 per oz

Great for knitting and weaving.


Close up example of a my first woven scarf made from Jacob and Mohair yarns


Full view of my first scarf.


Poncho made of handspun Jacob yarn. I made this poncho using 2 ply Jacob yarn on a triangle loom. It shows the diverse color range you can achieve

with Jacob wool. Not for sale.


Close up of poncho


Close up of Jacob roving - White, black and gray


Basket of roving and yarn. A spinners dream!


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